Xindice XML-RPC Interface

Version: 0.6

Author: Kimbro Staken, Kurt Ward

The current multi-language access mechanism for Apache Xindice is CORBA, which is to put it mildly, way too complex for most people. It also isn't well supported by a great many languages, especially scripting languages. Because of this I created a simple XML-RPC access API. This API is very lightweight and doesn't duplicate all the functionality of the CORBA API, but the most common functions are available.

At some point this access will be integrated directly into Xindice but for now it is an external module. I guess you can consider this implementation a prototype until full XML-RPC and SOAP support can be developed. Regardless it's pretty handy if you want to work with PHP, the new Applescript XML-RPC mechanisms or any other language that has an XML-RPC binding.

The library has been tested with the following client languages.

Like Xindice the XML-RPC API is available under an Apache style Open Source license.

Any questions or help requests should be posted on the forums.


Current Release
Xindice-XMLRPC 0.6 (zip)

Older Releases
dbXML-XMLRPC 0.5.1 (tar.gz)

dbXML-XMLRPC 0.5 (tar.gz)


Users Guide